PS 209Q

The Clearview Gardens School

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Mary E. McDonnell, Ed. D. Principal Jacqueline Diaz Fernandez, Assistant Principal

PS 209Q

16-10 Utopia Parkway Whitestone

Our Mission

The mission of P.S. 209 is to provide a creative and meaningful education for all children, including ELL, Inclusion, AIS and Gifted and Talented students, addressing their needs and talents in a nurturing environment. Standards are addressed through the continued use of heterogeneous yet flexible grouping, differentiated instruction, integration of mainstream and gifted students, inclusion of students from District 75, clear and ongoing dialogue with parents, staff, and students as to expectations of achievement. The members of the 209 community strive to provide opportunities for academic and social growth in a collegial atmosphere that will move our students toward mastery in all areas and prepare them for their place in a constantly changing society.

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